Gear Pumps

MCGO Series

MCGO series gear pumps are designed to handle common and highly corrosive non-abrasive liquids that must be pumped under pressure. Manufactured to extremely precise tolerance, the MCGO gear pump prevents system contamination, maintains the purity and integrity of the liquid and provide for greater flow control. Its rugged three-part housing provides ease of servicing and parts replacement. With no overhung bearing loads, the rotor shaft can't deflect and cause premature wear. The helical gears supported on both sides provides relatively quiet operation. Additionally, MCGO pumps offer bi-directional operation for applications requiring reversing flow. Because of the above features, MCGO gear pumps are popular for precise transfer and metering applications involving polymers, fuels, and chemical additives. It is also routinely used for high-pressure applications such as hydraulic applications. 

Gear Pumps

MCGV Series

MCGV series pumps are heavy-duty, foot-mounted internal gear operating pumps with multiple seal options. This series is for a broad range of applications requiring continuous duty at pressures up to 200 psi. Even higher pressures are possible with high fluid viscosity at reduced operating speeds (consult factory). The MCGV series features 13 different sizes with flows to 1,600 GPM, with four materials of construction options, cast iron, ductile iron, steel externals and stainless steel. This series pumps design allow the use of packing, component seals or cartridge seals. Seal plans, including API plan 53 and 54. Pump casings can be positioned to meet common piping configurations.